Taninmis Makine was established in 1998, since then we proudly serve and treat you as our valued customer with our experienced and unique sale & after sale service unit. Further, we offer you, our own brand & make Cooling Groups (Chiller) & Temperature Control Units and / also Extruders & Extrusion Lines made in Germany and Lanson Plastic Injection Moulding Machines manufactured in China.

Our primary purpose – in all the services we provide - is; keeping the customer satisfaction as a priority with being worthy of winning quality rewards by team spirit which we created within our firm and increasing the Quality day by day, working with the best and genuine quality machine manufacturers worldwide in all industries, supporting and adding values to the production.

Our firm Taninmis Makine; sales CHURCHILL (Turkey)  Cooling Machines & Temperature Control Units and BREYER (Germany) Extruders & Extrusion Lines manufactured in Germany and LANSON China) Plastic Injection Moulding Machines and provides after sale services for all those products.

As a single source Taninmis Makine supplies machines & equipment for the needs of plastic product manufacturers and procures everything they need to enable them to produce faster, cheaper and better quality goods. Our machines & tools and technologies have the latest configurations that help our customers in modifying the features of their products for a better output.

Taninmis Makine, In this direction, will always be co-operating with the manufacturers of quality & genuine products in accordance with their requests.

Business Solution Partner; We are working with more than 800 companies throughout Turkey. Each work & study with those firms is a responsibility and we take it very serious, all those companies we work with are our Business Solution Partners. Our service concept is based on redemption period for our investments, minimizing the loss of production and conservation of quality standards and we bring you the quality goods with cheapest and fastest way.